What is Word-Nerd vocab prep and how can it improve my SAT and PSAT score?

Welcome to Word-Nerd™, an innovative and fun way to learn vocabulary words for the SAT and PSAT!

If you’re anything like the average student thinking about these tests, you may be wondering why you need to study vocabulary…haven’t you already learned enough in school? Isn’t your test prep course going to help you? Is Word-Nerd worth your time and your parents’ money?! The answers are almost certainly no, no and YES.

Unfortunately, your school and your test prep class may not be helping you much with vocab. Your instructors may have handed you some lists of words in alphabetical order, told you to study them, and quizzed you on them once or twice. Some of those words might stick in your mind, but you’ve probably already forgotten most of them by the next day! Memorization is NOT the way to make the most of your time. We will help you raise your SAT and PSAT score by knowing enough to answer correctly, not by committing thousands of definitions to memory. Word-Nerd will allow you to make your study time more productive and efficient. In other words, study less and learn more!

So how does Word-Nerd work? We’ve organized approximately 1,500 of the most commonly tested vocab words into something we call SmartSets™, which are groups of words with a common theme or meaning. SmartSets are based on lots of boring learning theories, which you can read more about in our FAQ, but trust us, this is how your brain learns best. To show you how it works, click here to see a sample SmartSet and try to identify the common theme of these words.

As you’ve just seen, all of the words in this SmartSet are related to sleep. You probably don’t know the meaning of every one of them, but you probably DO know what one of two of them mean. And since you do know that much, you already know quite a lot about what the others mean. Let’s try it out with a sample question:

Jim found Professor Lovitt’s lectures to be so              that he had trouble keeping his eyes open during his class.

a) cibarious
b) hypnagogic
c) lutrine
d) palpebral

You probably didn’t know that “hypnagogic” meant “sleep-inducing” before seeing the SmartSet. But if you recognized it was similar to words you did know, you surely were able to make the right guess without knowing the exact definition!

That’s how Word-Nerd works. We have created SmartSets so you can study vocab in a meaningful way, focusing on word identification and recognition instead of memorization. So, you can learn more in less time and raise your test scores.

We also offer unlimited quizzes and tests which are designed to increase your learning, too. Word-Nerd scores and records your quiz and test scores so you can easily track your progress. Word-Nerd also contains a handy list of common word roots, prefixes and suffixes as a resource for you.

Word-Nerd costs just $69 for a twelve month subscription or $25 for our 30-day "Cram Plan."  Even better, you can receive a $5 gift certificate at Amazon.com® for each person you refer to Word-Nerd who signs up, with no limit on the number of $5 gift certificates you can receive! So register now and tell your friends!


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