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I was fortunate enough to have the National Center for Learning Disabilities post my article on its website a few days ago.  SAT vs. ACT is a big decision for all students, but there are additional considerations for ADHD/LD students.  Check it out!
Right on! Good job.
Comment By Craig Gonzales At 2/6/2013 12:27 AM
Jenn, good article and solid analysis of the special issues students with learning differences face. Another factor some of my students face is the ability to focus for extended periods. Some of my ADD / ADHD students like the predictability of the ACT (standard order of sections is predictable), but with extended time accommodations, they find it impossible to focus on a single section for long period of time. These students prefer the SAT where they are able to switch back and forth from reading, math, and writing -- never having to stay on one section too long.

As you suggest, students should take practice tests using their approved accommodations before deciding on which test to focus their test prep efforts.
Comment By Megan Dorsey At 3/14/2013 5:00 PM
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