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Here is a very interesting column by Linda Chavez about the SAT being under attack. The column has been syndicated to a number of major newspapers over the last week or so.

Lots to chew on, including some discussion about racial bias in the SAT (the standard argument from anyone who wants the SAT abolished) and the revelation that schools that make the SAT optional have the ulterior motive of increasing their U.S. News ranking. 
In which I read, critically. - I'm not a proponent of abolishing the test (far from it!) but Ms. Chavez's piece is...awful. Just awful. And biased as the day is long. She approaches the entire debate from a political standpoint, not an educational on ...
Trackback By PWN the SAT At 9/27/2011 10:24 PM
If it were so poorly written, then why would it be such a good indicator of first-year college success?
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